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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ways to fix Canon Pixma MX340 Printer 5200 Error Occurred Code or P08

Hi, I am Mr How, I come from 18how.com. To day i will instruction How to solve error code 5200 or P08 on Canon Pixma MX340 printers:
  • - Do you have a Canon Pixma MX340 fax/copier/scanner/printer?
  • - Do you have problem with Error Code 5200 which says "Printer Error Occurred"?
  • - Did you try to copy your document and experienced this error?
  • - Do you experience Error 5200 while using your above named printer?
Canon Pixma MX340 printer Error number 5200 or P08 usually occurs when your cartridge is dealing with temperature issues. Your cartridge maybe too cold because of rare usage or too hot because continues usage.

This type of errors normally makes the Pixma MX340 owners jump out of their seats and bring their printer to service center causing them a lot of money for just a simple repair.

Luckily for you you won’t need bring your printer to a repairman or throw your printer, I have here a simple yet effective way of resolving this problem.

This is some ways to easily fix your Canon Pixma MX340 Printer Error Occurred Code 5200 or P08

Solution 1 to repair Canon PIXMA MX340 with 5200 error:

Step 1: Power off your Canon MX340 printer.
Step 2: Wait 5 minutes and dring a coffee!
Step 3: Power on your canon printer and printer test.
If the error persist you can try to some solution following:

Solution 2 to fix your Canon Pixma MX340 Printer Error Occurred Code 5200 or P08

Step 1: Turn Off your Printer
Step 2: Remove the Cartridge
Step 3: Refill the cartridge or clean the cartridge
Step 4: Reinstall the cartridge
Step 5: Turn ON your printer”

Solution 3 to fix Canon Pixma MX340 Error 5200:

Step 1: Buy a new toner cartridge
Step 3: Replace your Canon Pixma MX340 printer's toner cartridge.

Solution 4: Repair Pixma MX340 printer with 5200 error:

This is all a scam by Canon to get you to buy more of THEIR ink cartridges. If they, or one is empty you replace them your printer will work. If you use only black (with color turned off)and fill your own black as I do follow this:
Step 1: Turn your printer off
Step 2: Hold down the reset button while pressing the on button.
Step 3: while still holding down the on button release the reset button then press the reset button twice.
Step 4: Release the on button it will flash and 0 will appear in the window. then press the reset button 4 times and the on button twice.Wait and the printer will turn off.
Step 5: Turn printer back on let it go thru it's stuff. You can now print.

Solution 5: You also try to fix by this way if the 5200 error persist:

Step 1: Turn off the printer .
Step 2: Press the Stop button for 2 second and hold it.
Step 3: Press the On button hold it and release the Stop button.
Step 4: Press Stop button 5 times then release together with the On button.
Step 5: Led skrin will blank and now reseting.
Step 6: Computer will detect new hardware juz ignore it.
Step 7: Turn off the printer then turn it On now the problem solved.

In fixya i found this solution, some people fixed their Canon Pixma MX340 printer:

1. Turn off your printer
2. Press and hold the STOP/RESET button
3. Press and hold Power ON button
4. While holding the Power ON button, release the STOP/RESET button
5. While holding still the Power ON button, press twice the STOP/RESET button
6. Release the Power ON button
7. Wait until it display an "idle" message. It will take about a minute.
8. When "idle" appear, open the top cover to expose the cartridges.
9. Lift up the cover for cartridge holder and take out both the black and color cartridges
10. Return the cover of cartridge holder and turn off the printer
11. Return the top cover and turn on the printer again
12. After the printer initialize, return the cartridges.
1. Press and Hold the STOP/RESET button and wait until it self restart.
2. Release the STOP/RESET button the the printer is restarting.
3. Wait for a few seconds Good luck!

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